How you can help

How to learn “what’s going on?”
Independent Web Journal 
Freelance journalists broadcasting real voices beyond government power.
Green Action  
Radiation Information:
Donation/ Buying goods
Tsunagari Nukumori 
Akahama Chirorin Mura Community Center project 
Building a sustainable place for people to exchange relief information and buy essentials such as toilet papers and seasonings in this fishing / fishing boat manufacturing town.   
Ex-Container project
A temporary housing project led by an architect utilizing shipping containers.
Fukkou Noroshi Poster Poroject
Beautiful posters of people in effected areas to promote and communicate to the world what's happening there.
Kizuna World 
Help sake factories by buying Guinomi (sake cup).
Sanriku ni shigoto wo Project 
Creating jobs and support capitol to design related occupation people who lost their place to work by the disaster.
Introducing restaurants promoting Tohoku food & drinks, or actively hiring Tohoku people. 
Peaceby piece 
Mori wa Umi no Koibito 
Environmental education and preservation. Focuses on children to learn and enjoy how to co-habit with nature.  After the disasters, they’ve been helping out the oyster farmers and also cleaning up farm lands in small scale. They also lost their office and tools and boats during the disasters. 
Is a project that connects donors to high-impact projects in Japan, allows you to give quickly and easily, and receive direct feedback about the impact of your donations. Get started and support the next generation of change in Japan!
Music Related Sites
Take Piano to Hisaichi 
Supports Music industry which affected by Disaster 
Children /Education
Tokyo Satogaeri
Support mothers and mother-to-be by providing meals, appropriate care by midwives, or home stay opportunities. 
Children creating art pieces with debris washed to their school yard. 
Ashinaga Rainbow House Project
Save Child
KODOMO Support
Re:BirthJAPAN Project
Sakura Line Project 
Sending line of sakura to Iwate coast
Helping local fishing industry. 
Help people of Oshika area in Ishinomaki by promoting their accessory “occica” utilizing localmaterial, and a construction of their community center, “Occica house”. 
Booksfor Japan
By donating books, you can choose to send books or money raised by this group purchasing your books - the money goes to the different NPO groups they recommend.  
How to help for Free (Click Donation)
Italian Car company's click donation site. Free for you! 
You can download nicely calligraphed slogans.
Shizugawa Fishermen’s Banya and Oyster Bar project
Rebuilding a work place for fishermen in Minami-Sanriku, who lost their place and boats by Tsunami.
Help rebuilding temporary housing and pellet stoves to Sumida-machi, next to Rukuzen-takata.  The parent group “More trees”, project led byRyuichi Sakamoto. 
Archi + Aid 
Consulting by architects to rebuilt stronger community by learning from the town before the earthquake. 
Ganbare! Higashi Nihon 
Construction help including a new temporary housing, repair of damaged houses and infrastructure in Ishinomaki.  
Medical Related Site
Kibou to Kizuna project 
Organized by doctors to care people’sphysical and mental concerns at homes and shelters, and educate people aboutmedicines, correct care and risks including radiation. 
Link to many other Fabulous Community Sites
Wawa project 
Chernobyl KAKEHASHI Project
This one is blog and information about Nuclear power plant and Radiation
Umi no nakama tachi  
Help ocean related businesses after the disasters (such as donating folk lift to Kesennuma Fish Market). Also to educate children about ocean life style and environmental issues through workshop and camping. 
私も何か役に立ちたい 有権者の方
Petition to protect mothers and children from Radiation
Japan Civil Network 
Protect Ourselves from Radiation Summit