Saturday, July 30, 2011

Himawari Project Update!

Artists for Japan and Himawari Project launching event on July 16th was a success! Thank you so much for your support.

Here is our report!

The Himawari Team dressed up in "yukata" (summer kimono) and distributed approximately 400 sunflower seeds to 80 individuals or families at KOBO at Higo and in the neighborhood of International District.

A total of $1031.16 raised through the Himawari Project donation and Artists for Japan art sale.

$100 of the total raised has been contributed to the Himawari Project budget and the remaining $931.16 will be donated to "Nukumori-Fureai Project" through Allied Arts Foundation. Nukumori-Fureai Project is a NPO that provides solar power, solar heat hot water, and biomass energy to the evacuation centers in the affected area.
In addition, the City of Seattle's P-Patch Program has introduced the Himawari Project to it's participants and it was widely by their community. Two community organizations/gardens will be harvesting the sunflower seeds and donating them for Japan to heal the contaminated land. Magnuson Children's Garden will have a harvest celebration on October 1st, 11AM - 2PM at their garden.

Special thanks to:
Marra Farm Giving Garden and the Lettuce Link

Magnuson Children's Garden at the Magnuson Park

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