Wednesday, July 6, 2011

July 16th, 2011

Please come pick up some sunflower seeds for you to sow, grow, flower, and harvest the future seeds to heal the nuclear contaminated lands. Himawari (sunflowers) have the ability to absorb radioactive cesium from contaminated soil, thereby neutralizing its effects. 

This project is supported by Artists for Japan, Allied Arts Foundation, and Wing Luke Museum of the Asian Pacific American Experience.

Artists for Japan will also host a fundraising benefit a non-profit organization installing solar power systems in Tohoku. They provide solar generated electricity and hot water, as well as wood boiler vehicles for hot bath. Our focus this month is environmental issues in Japan and the planet. There will also be musical entertainment in the evening as part of JamFest/Artwalk, sponsored by the Wing Luke Museum.

The Himari Project 
launches at KOBO at Higo on Saturday July 16th,  12 - 8:30PM! 

This just in from Linda Ando!!!
Hi Everyone! 
Here are some great photos of the children at Yuriage Primary School who received our Tanabata STAR of HOPE with Star Messages & Candy. It was beautifully displayed with the many folded cranes and the kids look so happy!

Thank you to everyone and especially the Tanabata STAR Artists Team for making this possible and bringing joy to these children.

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